Plasma TV Installation

Standard LCD TV Installation


“I’d like my LCD TV mounted on-wall with wires exposed”

  • Mounting of your TV on-wall
  • 3 feet of track molding included


Advanced LCD TV Installation


“I’d like my LCD TV mounted on-wall with wires concealed in-wall”

  • 15º tilt wall mount included
  • HDMI in-wall wire concealment
  • Up to 3 components connected

LCD TV installation: Mount your LCD on the Wall or Fireplace.

LCD TV Installers: Installers that professionally know your TV installation in and out.

LCD TV installers—LCD TV installations for your LCD television by

LCD TV Installations are completed by certified LCD TV installers who are subject to 7-year background checks. We offer support for LCD LCD TV installation, LCD TV installation, plasma LCD TV installation, and all other HDTV installations. offers a 2-year television installation warranty ensuring the quality of our work. offers nationwide in-home LCD TV installation services. We offer TV mounting on wall and setup over the fireplace. LCD TV mounting that will leave your LCD television install looking professional and clean.

All LCD TV installers are highly skilled in both home, office, and commercial installations. We offer professional installation of projectors, hanging LCD TV’s for a restaurant, and many more combinations. We can also connect your computer or laptop to projector or LCD TV for both office and enjoyable home media.

We offer LCD TV installation services for all different types of televisions:

  • LCD TV Installation
  • LED TV Installation
  • Plasma TV Installation
  • HDTV Installation
  • 3D TV Installation

 16 Site Survey for in home consultationThis site survey allows our techs to get our eyes on the prize. We can take pictures, give suggestions and provide comfort when making the TV on wall jump

Relocate Cable Line

nstallHDTV offers simple outlet relocation, in same room only,
Generally from one corner to another in a room. Accessibility from below.
Wall plates are rarely used as the relocation is to come up from the floor.

 55 Universal Remote Control Setup

  • Program your remote’s primary commands of up to 8 devices in your universal remote control document user names and passwords.
  • Verify and test all components are working
  • Ensure all cables are neatly organized and customer is left satisfied

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